Resident Services

Below is a list of services available to all residents. To arrange any of the services listed below, please contact Management Staff during normal business hours: Monday-Friday: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm.

Keys and Controlled Access

  • City Plaza Condominiums has a controlled access system in place which requires a remote control or a gate card to gain entry to the property. This ensures that only owners have access to the property.
  • If you need someone to enter your home when you are not there, you may sign a key/release form at the time you have specified only. The management office will allow that designated person to enter your home. You can obtain a key release form at the management office. All key release forms must be signed in advance and in person.
  • Note: The Management office and courtesy patrol are not authorized to receive or distribute any keys. Do not leave keys in the management office or with the courtesy officer under any circumstances.

Pest Control: (cost included in the HOA budget)

  • Termite Treatment of the property – Annually, scheduled by Sterling Association Services Inc. (SASI).
  • Interior Pest control – Service available every Monday upon request by a resident.
  • Exterior Pest control – Monthly service scheduled by (SASI).

Exterior Cleaning: (cost included in the HOA budget)

  • Stair Washing – Two buildings will be cleaned every month. Service is scheduled by SASI.

Resident Parking

  • Please register your car at the management office. Include Make, Model, and Tag number to avoid having your car towed, please notify the management office when you have any changes. Also please note that all vehicles on property must be in working condition and have up to date stickers. Storing of cars is NOT allowed.

Guest Parking

  • Your guests may park in any available spots. If you plan to have a long term visitor please register your guest with the management office.

Club House

  • The clubhouse is located in the clubhouse at the main entrance. This amenity is available for all residents and their guests. The clubroom is also available to be reserved for private functions on a first come, first serve basis. A non –refundable security deposit of $25 is required as well as a refundable deposit of $500 and must be given at the time of reservation. Upon each reservation, the home owner will also be required to sign a clubroom agreement. The deposit will be returned after the function and management representative approves the condition of clubroom. Contact the management office for hours and availability.
  • Note: Owners assume individual responsibility when alcohol is served.

Mail & Package Deliveries

  • Management will accept delivery of any of your mail or small packages with written permission. Management is not held liable during our acceptance and/or storage of any mail or packages. Solicitation will not be allowed at the community unless written permission from the property manager is received. Please check with the management office if expecting a package from the US postal service and have not received proper notice from mail carrier. Note that it is the postal carrier’s responsibility to notify the resident of package via notice on door or mailbox. Management has the right to refuse acceptance of package delivery, if necessary.

Fitness Center

  • Our fitness center is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The fitness center is located on the back side of the Clubhouse. Bring your gate card to gain access to the facility if it is after business hours. Use the facility at your own risk. Anyone under the age of 16 yrs old must be supervised.

Swimming Pool

  • The pool is provided for your enjoyment. Pool is located in the middle of the property between the Clubhouse and building 4. Please do not prop open these gates for any reason. Residents must obey all rules/regulations posted in the pool area. Anyone using the pool under the age of 16 years of age must be accompanied by any adult.
  • Pool Hours: Mon- Fri 10am-10pm, Sat 10 am- 11pm, Sun 10am-11pm

Pets & Dog Comfort Station

  • There are dog stations along the far sides of the property. Dogs must be walked here or off the property only. All pets, including cats, must be on a leash at all times. It is the City Ordinance and our community policy that owners must clean up all pet waste both on and off property. Please respect other homeowners when it concerns pet noises. If there are continuous complaints with any of the above, you may be subject to fines. No pet shall be allowed to run free on any part of the common area including the courtyard. Pets are not allowed in the clubroom or in the pool. If you need to contact animal control please call 713-229-7300.


  • Maintenance inside your unit is your responsibility. City Plaza Condominiums maintenance staff is available to perform specific routine service requests, both during normal business hours and after hours, for a fee. These fees vary, depending on when the work is done. It is your decision as to whether or not you consider your request an emergency. The management company guarantees a twenty-four hour turnaround on all service requests telephoned to the office during normal business hours, provided parts (if needed) are available.

Lock Outs

  • In the event of a lockout during office hours the management office can assist you at no charge, unless exceeding 3 or more occurrence in a 3 month period, a fee will be applied of $35 per occurrence. There is no After Hours lockout!
  • Please note if you decide to change your locks, you must get approval on the type and style of lock set, and the HOA must be given a copy of your key to allow for emergency access. (see Condo Documents w/ legal concerns).


  • Smoking is not permitted in any of the common areas of the building including outside the front entrances. Smoking is permitted on balconies, at the pool or at any or the sitting areas around the property. Please discard cigarettes in appropriate receptacles. We appreciate your cooperation regarding this matter.

Emergency Numbers:

  • 24 hour emergency line: 713-790-7900. Call in case of after hour emergency such as water leak, stoppage, etc.
  • Guard house: 713-383-9861
  • Kevin Puerta – Manager:
  • Rene Orantes – Lead Maintenance: 713-790-7900, Option 4
  • Board Of Directors:


  • Pool Maintenance – Weekly service performed on Mondays and scheduled by SASI. Cost is included in the annual HOA budget
  • Lawn Maintenance – Weekly service performed normally on Fridays & scheduled by SASI. Cost is included in the annual HOA budget
  • Air Filter – Available upon request. Cost of the filter to residents is $2.00.
  • Second Set of Keys – Available upon request. Cost per set is $2.00